Our mission is to provide a hands-on farm experience for the community that encompasses education, connection and sustainability. Through utilizing nature, animals and food sourcing we will increase the overall health and wellbeing of humans and animals alike.


Developing virtues by educating children and families through exposure to animals and nature.


Building a sustainable way of life resulting in connection to food, land and home as a collective.


Making life-long memories through conscious immersion in hands-on farm life.

Our vision is an Appalachian community that utilizes farming principles and skills that lead us back to natural and sustainable lifestyles.

Kara Whitney

I am the Owner/Operator of The Open Gate Farm in Bremen, Ohio where I manage and maintain 35 acres of land and livestock. 

Operations on the farm include beef cattle production, free range chickens, gardening, livestock rescue/rehabilitation and raising livestock through the 4-H Youth Program.

I am passionate about this space and have devoted my life to raising my two children in this rural environment.

Animals are a conduit of endurance, strength, persistence, comfort, beauty and healing!

It is important to me that not only our community be educated about animals and where our food comes from, but that a hands-on experience with animals and gardens is available to everyone. 

Utilizing my Bachelor of Science Degree from The Ohio State University with a Minor in Agricultural Education along with 25+ years of experience on The Farm, it is my desire to sustain this space and allow my community the opportunity to learn just as I have! I cannot wait to have you here!

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture 

The Open Gate Farm is proudly partnering with Tonya Kness of Lily Hollow Homestead. 

“Homesteading and Handcrafting small-batch herbal goods for the whole family”

The Open Gate Farm is blessed with resources, space and soul. 

We all have something valuable to offer and as a community we will come together in a time of need to survive and thrive. Together we will cultivate a well-rounded experience that has the best interest of all life on the planet at heart. 

Join this wholesome adventure to raise delicious foods, make new connections and learn so much along the way!

You may wish to support our efforts by choosing one of the plans below that best suits your family's needs.

** All efforts will be made to produce high quantity, nutrient dense foods for everyone within the program. This is a learning experience for all. Unforeseen circumstances (ie: weather, human error, pests) may occur.  Yield cannot be projected.

Upon payment, I agree to volunteer at least one hour of my time weekly in efforts to grow, sustain and produce a healthy garden. Experience runs from seed start end of Feb through harvest in October.

 $75/month.  Recurring monthly payments directly withdrawn from account. You may pick up your share of produce and culinary and medicinal herbs from The Open Gate Farm weekly or bi-weekly. Harvest runs May through October. (Six months, six payments)

Hi! I am Dixie. I am always excited to meet new people. In fact, I am always excited about everything! I love to run around the farm at a super high speed. Sometimes I need to be told to take a break and stop pestering the other animals. I have a very big heart, I swear!

My name is Alex! I joined The Farm years ago and have been living my best life ever since. My superpower is greeting visitors loudly.  I am a tattle tale and will alert my owners if someone else is up to no good.


 I am Opal the Cow.  I am super fluffy, friendly and cute. My mom and her friends joke that I only have one brain cell and that it is programmed to cause mischief and hunger. 

Hi! I am Boots Chicken.  I hatched in a school classroom. Some of my favorite activities include playing dress up, sledding, and crowing incessantly. In 2021 I got very sick with Bumblefoot. Today, I am loved and pampered in a special way so I can keep living life to the fullest! 

Hello I am Shandy. I was rescued in 2020 and have morphed into quite the pet.  I am spoiled with free ranging The Farm and I go wherever my heart desires. You might find me in the chicken coop, on the patio or in the garden eating mom’s flowers. 

 My name is Hillary! I am the most loving cow at The Farm. One time when I was little I ran away and went to church. Since then, I have learned that my owner hides all of the snacks in the yard and barn.  I won’t be running away ever again. 

My name is Harrison but you can refer to me as King Of The Farm. The weiner dog is constantly trying to steal the throne but I’m not gonna let that happen.  I’ll just put it this way…I get whatever I want whenever I want it. 

My name is Liberty. My owner received me as a gift for her 14th birthday so I have been around The Farm for a long time! I am so very loved by my owner’s daughter.  I am always happy to teach her lots of patience and strength. 

Hi! I am Manny (aka ManBear). My favorite hobbies are napping and being my mom’s soulmate.  My duties include chasing the chickens off the patio and licking people’s faces even when I am told not to. I live my best life as a Farm Ween. 

Statistics show that less than 2% of the United States Population is involved in agriculture and the farming footprint is rapidly declining.  The Open Gate Farm is striving to sustain the farming lifestyle and spread education and awareness to families and children throughout Hocking County. 


4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills as they work in partnership with caring adults. Being involved in the 4-H Youth Program is one way to ensure that children will be exposed to the livestock industry. To learn more about 4-H, visit  

Our goal is to provide everything from the selection of the animal, to the sale at the end of the fair at a very low cost to the family.  The Program will include project housing, mentorship/clinics and assistance with daily project care. Together and with the help of our amazing community, we will continue to shape and empower our children, make amazing memories and enjoy the Beef Barn at the Hocking County Fair!


On a local level, market beef project numbers at the Hocking County Fair are also rapidly declining.  In an attempt to fight against the disappearance of this rich experience, The Open Gate Farm has been called to action.  We understand that a market beef project is very time consuming and expensive.  We are striving to assist families with this struggle and wish to grant the experience to children/families who might not otherwise have the opportunity.  The Open Gate Farm is blessed with space, resources and experience to provide families with everything that it takes to see a market beef project through. In an effort to launch our new Open Gate Beef Program, (for the 2023 Hocking County Fair), we are looking for two families to join us on this endeavor.

Inquire and apply within by contacting

Act quick as the market steer possession deadline is March 4, 2023!

Child must be enrolled in 4-H.

Contact Kayla Nihiser Educator, 4-H Youth Development at the Hocking County Extension office with any questions regarding the 4-H Youth Program or visit





Location: Bremen, Ohio

Call: 740-603-5347



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